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By 2016 more than 28000 rooms will be added in Dubai

Dubai has become one of the world's largest base for five-star hotels and more such units are due to come on stream in the near future, the New York Times said.

Despite competition from other cities, hotel occupancy levels in Dubai, the region's business and commercial hub, remained above 80 in the first quarter of 2014, the US newspaper said in a long report on Dubai on July 31.

Operating a state-of-the-art Boeing B737 Jet Airways

 Jet Airways, India's premier international airline, has announced the addition of a second direct flight from Mumbai to Colombo, due to popular demand. Operating a state-of-the-art Boeing B737 aircraft effective November 5, 2014, Jet Airways' guests can now avail of same day return on this route, especially for those traveling on business.

Boeing Seattle Expand capabilities for pilot training globally

-A BTB Report

Boeing has recently announced the placement of several new full-flight simulators that expand capabilities for pilot training globally, while bringing more training closer to where airlines operate.

Two simulators-a Next-Generation B737 and B777-are now ready for training at the Boeing Flight Services Singapore campus. Another B787 Dream liner simulator has also been placed at the London Gatwick campus where two other B787 simulators are already located. Boeing serves its customers through a global network on six continents, including eight advanced B787 training suites in Miami, London, Singapore and Shanghai.

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